Deitering Brothers


We also sell the Nichols line of tillage ground working parts.
Check us for replacement points, shares or sweeps for your primary or secondary tillage piece of equipment - all brands.
Exide BatteriesExide Battery
With massive cranking ability and heavy reserve power, Exide batteries give you dependable all-season service. Stabl-Lok® bonding adheres our plates to tough polypropylene cases to protect against life-shortening vibration and impact damage, while our unique alloy formulation reduces water loss from heat and overcharging. Exide batteries are designed right and built tough to meet your most demanding requirements.

Fully adjustable air ride seat

Universal seat

10 inch auger dolly
(other sizes available)


3 Ply Chevron Baler Belts Complete With Lacing
John Deere 530, 535..........Call for pricing
Case 8460, 8465, 8455..........Call for pricing
Heston 550, 560, 565..........Call for pricing
3 Ply Minirough Top Belts Complete With Clipper Lacing
New Holland 660-664..........$200.00 Each

All with Flexco rivet lacing which is comparable to Titan or Mato
and made of stainless steel with a connecting pin designed for long
life. It is a large diameter .140 hardened spring stainless steel material.
These advantages improve baler performance, bottom line costs, and overall productivity.

Shredder Knives

For most makes and models prices may vary
Call for pricing

Hangar- $2.74
Part Number: 12296

Cup Knife- $2.48
Part Number: 12297

6'' Cupped Knife- Set of 4- $26.00
Part Number: 24190

Pivot Adaptor Knife- $3.50
Part Number: 12355

Side Knife 2" Wide- $3.00
Part Number: 24154

Square Ring- $1.73
Part Number: 12295

2",5",7"-Fit 1 1/4" shank

7", 10"-Fit 1 1/2" shank

Booted Points for Landoll, Sunflower, Brent, CPC, IHC

Standard and Heavy Duty Chisel Plow Points

CE6-6" coverboard

CE8-8" coverboard